Musculoskeletal Therapy



Osteopathic techniques work with your body to eliminate imbalances that may cause pain and discomfort. Treatment is truly holistic meaning that we looks at the body as a whole aiming to find the reason for your discomfort and address it rather than just treating your symptoms.


We use various techniques including massage, soft tissue and joint manipulation, cranial osteopathy, naturopathy, hydrotherapy and techniques drawn from many complimentary therapies that may be appropriate for you.

We use Kinesiotape in clinic where it is felt it would be of benefit.

We also use Western Acupuncture in clinic. Acupuncture and Osteopathy are very complimentary therapies. Modern research shows that Acupuncture can affect most of the bodies systems and increases the release of natural painkillers. Fine needles are inserted through the skin which has a general health benefit and encourages your body to heal and repair itself.




Consultation (45-60 mins) £65           

Treatment (45 mins) £50